Some info about the ADAPT project in the program "le plus de l'info" from the 13th october 2017 on the France Bleu radio.

The "Echanges" magazine by the CHU de Rouen highlights the ADAPT project in his edition of Autumn 2017.

As part of a European project *, we are launching a major investigation on both sides of the Channel with professionals involved in the training and evaluation of the driving of powered wheelchairs (occupational therapists, physical medicine doctors and rehabilitation doctors, etc.).  

We need your input and thank you in advance for your valuable assistance in carrying out this survey.  

The on-line questionnaire aims to collect the practice of professionals and to identify their expectations for technologies such as smart assistive wheelchairs and driving simulators in virtual reality.

It was developed jointly by the French and British teams from exploratory interviews with health professionals.  

TO PARTICIPATE, click on the link:

The results will guide future developments taking into account field practices and needs. 20 to 30 minutes are required to complete this questionnaire in full.

The lack of answers to the questions is not blocking. Driving training expertise is not required to complete the questionnaire!

The more persons involved, the more the data will be representative of the expectations of the actors on the ground.    

* The ADAPT project is a European project involving French and British research teams whose objective is to develop a connected intelligent wheelchair and a virtual wheelchair driving simulator in virtual reality (   

Thank you for your participation

The kick-off meeting of the ADAPT project will take place on Wednesday 20 September 2017 from 9:30am in the CISE building of ESIGELEC.